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pkmn_tournament's Journal

Pokemon Wifi Tournaments
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Welcome to Pokemon Wifi Tournaments!

We are a community dedicated to hosting various sorts of battle tournaments for the latest generation of Pokemon. The head honchos of pkmn_tournament are bucue and roxaloxa along with their trusty sidekicks false_dawn and weaseldog_ltg09.

:: Trainer Registry ::
If you want to participate in our events, you must first register yourself in our registry. It's an easy way to keep a list of contacts with everyone so we can avoid having people ask how to contact one another in each tournament post.

Current Challenge:
#3: Little Cup!
Round: Pokemon:
0 of ?? 3 per team
Remaining Trainers: Training Limit:
?? Level 5

Past Challenges: Winner: Runner-up:
#1: Random Eggs! pacificpikachu nekomonthetiger
#2: Classic Style Debut! musogato amirrorstwin